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Rank first on Google in 2021: How SEO is changing

The purpose of the article is to illustrate the main changes in SEO that await us in 2021 and how we can address them to position ourselves first on Google.

Web marketing is a world in constant evolution. The beginning of the year is the ideal time to make plans and to analyze market strategies and upcoming news. Just at the end of last year, in full health emergency due to the Coronavirus, Google delighted us with the launch of a new big update.

Therefore, it is time to ask ourselves: what news awaits us for SEO in 2021? What does Google want to reward a site and place it on the front page?

Rank first on Google

If you want to be first on Google remember who reads

The trend is always the same. Google has already told us before, with the updates of the algorithms of the past months, and has reiterated it more precisely with the update of December 2020.

Page Quality or the quality of a page that appears in Google search results is determined by several factors.

However, the element that groups and guides all the different aspects of evaluating a site is the user experience (you can learn more about its meaning in our article on User Experience).

All of Google’s efforts are aimed at providing people who surf the web with the best possible experience. The aim is to bring the most useful, clearest, and most complete information to those who do a Google search. Therefore, positioning first on Google requires more and more attention. This is why we have chosen a fountain pen as the main image for this article.

In 2021, to structure a site and hope to appear first on Google for a given keyword, we must remember that we are not writing for a search engine, but people. The site must not only appeal to Google, but also to those who will read it. It is a bit like picking up a pen and paper and writing a good book. How can you hope to be successful? Simple, by writing something that people like, it pushes readers to buy it and recommend it to friends and family.

What can SEO do to rank first on Google?

The article to which the various tweets that communicate updates refer is always the same:  What webmasters should know. Reading it carefully may give us some guidelines to follow to improve the structure and content of our websites.

Just think that Google doesn’t just use its algorithms and artificial intelligence. To determine if a site is truly worthy of being on the front page, Google relies on real people, the evaluators of search quality. 

To favor the positioning of a site on Google, it is necessary to focus on user-based optimization. The message is clear, what exactly does it mean? We can draw up a list of the aspects that will have the greatest impact on the 2021 SEO.

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Focus on content

Google says it clearly: “Focus on content“. High-quality content, capable of responding in a clear, linear, and precise way to a user’s questions. But most importantly, written by authors who know exactly what they are talking about.

So just think in terms of dry keywords and page views. After all, Google changes but also the way users search on Google. 2021 will see a surge in voice searches compared to traditional ones. Search volumes will change: with voice search queries become much more complex, in the face of more precise questions.

Example: I am looking for a restaurant in New York. If I type in Google, the most likely keyword will be “restaurant New York”, but that is certainly not how I would address the voice assistant. “Hey Google, find me a restaurant in New York”, “Hey Google, what is the nearest restaurant?” etc. The possibilities become endless. Each day, new keywords will be listed, formed by long tails that correspond to specific questions from users.

Before filling a site with content it will be necessary to provide an analysis of who will be the readers of the pages we publish and what they may be interested in. Only in this way can we hope to position the site first on Google!

Google suggests a list of 20 questions that can help authors and publishers prepare good quality pages. This questionnaire is divided into 4 sections:

  • Quality content and questions;
  • Competence questions;
  • Presentation and production questions;
  • Comparative questions.

Is the content really useful? Is there any information about the author and his skills? Is the site optimized and well-structured to make the contents readable on any device? Is it original content, not copied, that could easily be shared and suggested to friends? What added value does that page have compared to the others in the SERP?

These are some of the questions that we find in the questionnaire, and that are leading to a new revolution in writing for the web.

Going even further into the content issue, Google shows us a particular element of evaluation: the EAT parameter which is fully explained in the guidelines delivered to the research quality evaluators.

Google EAT and SEO: increase your authority

No, Google isn’t inviting us to become a cooking expert. The acronym EAT stands for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness “or” competence, authority and reliability “. These are parameters that will be taken into great consideration for the evaluation of a site to be positioned first on Google.

In essence, it means that companies that can demonstrate their authority, their overall reputation, and that of those who write content for their site, will have a much higher Page Quality score.

Reviews, mentions, awards, certifications, credentials of the content author (which can be added to each article using structured data markup), and anything that can help you understand that that site truly deserves the first place on Google will be useful for the EAT score

Even the presence of technical problems and any security flaws of a site can penalize a site at the EAT level. Outdated sites have more chances of reporting untruthful content or being hacked and will be considered with less authority from Google.

Technical aspects of the EES in 2021

We know very well how important it is to have a well-structured, fast, easy-to-load site on both desktop and mobile devices. All these technical aspects are the basis for allowing a site to be read and understood by Google’s spiders.

The algorithms that automatically analyze the sites, although intelligent and in continuous development, are still unable to read and understand the content of a site perfectly. Furthermore, having a site with excellent content, but slow to load or graphically difficult to read, will push users to abandon it to look for more.

The team effort when it comes to ranking on Google is crucial. Web Designers, Copywriters, SEO specialists are all figures who must cooperate for a common final result, to bring that site first on Google. 

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